Broadstone Advisors, LLC is a group of dedicated financial professionals committed to providing effective financial solutions for our clients diverse and complex financial challenges. We collaborate with our clients and their advisors to create clarity regarding their business succession and estate plans. Our consistent goal is to guide our clients to accumulate assets, balance personal and professional demands on their time and financial resources while respecting their privacy and objectives. We strive to create a supportive environment while removing “financial clutter”. Broadstone recognizes our clients need to be informed regarding their financial position and  challenged to understand diverse opinions while being provided access to best thinking and service.

Founder & Financial Advisor

When most people are getting ready to suit up and go to the office, Todd has already been on the job for at least three hours. Up and about by 5.00 am on most days, Todd drives his truck to visit clients at construction sites throughout New York and New England by 6.00 am. “I was always more comfortable in a more casual work environment,” he says. “I’m most in my element when I am meeting with people in the field. This is how my practice has grown—one handshake at a time.”

Todd combines his insider’s understanding of the construction industry, along with a unique ability to connect with people, to help his clients define and achieve the independence they seek in their lives. Todd represents family-owned and closely-held businesses in the construction industry: road and bridge contractors, concrete and asphalt producers, quarry operators, specialty subcontractors such as electrical, HVAC, and mechanical contractors, as well as residential and commercial real estate developers. Todd advises on specific challenges faced by construction-related businesses. Todd has dedicated himself to understanding the complexities and nuances of this demanding and complex field of business.

Todd resides in Troy, NY, with his wife Lisa and their three children.

Financial Advisor

Kyle was introduced to Todd and the Broadstone team in 2010 while attending Siena College on a baseball scholarship. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, he began his career in the financial services industry. Kyle’s competitive nature has translated into helping build and grow Broadstone’s practice.

Broadstone is dedicated to helping successful people sort through financial complexities of their lives and businesses. Kyle prides himself in the relationships he builds with his clients “Our process of identifying goals, developing customized solutions, and hands-on implementation allows us to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

Kyle lives in Troy with his wife Kristen and daughter Mia. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He is an avid golfer and fan of the New York Yankees!

Financial Advisor

David’s career in financial services dates back to 2011, when he joined the Northwestern Mutual Albany office. This is where he quickly realized the impact that he could make in people’s lives by having courageous conversations and helping his clients with planning for the financial needs. Growing up in a blue-collar household he gravitated to working with 1st responders, police, firefighters etc. He found his niche working with New York State Police members by becoming a professional on planning around their unique benefits, “protecting those who protect others” became his passion. His career took him from Northwestern to MassMutual in 2017. This is where he met Todd McDonald and his team with Broadstone. Todd helped him to open up his clientele in working with the family-owned closely-held businesses that Broadstone has focused on for years.

David has brought his “no man left behind” approach to Broadstone. Retention is a trigger point with most companies, from top executives to the employee that is getting in on the ground floor. Each employee has their own planning challenges and needs. By listening to the unique challenges that each individual face we’re able to bring in the benefits that help impact their lives.

“We all get up each morning, put our pants on one leg at a time then go to work. We do this each day for our “why”. Our “why” in most cases is our family”. David was taught from an early age that “family comes first”. For most of our clients their employees are family.

David resides in Halfmoon, NY, with his wife Tricia and their dog Petey.

Chief Operating Officer

Broadstone Advisors works with many family-owned and operated businesses, and Kris is the perfect resource for these clients. After all, Broadstone Advisors is her family business. “We treat clients the way we would want our families to be treated” Kris explains. “Sometimes, you almost become part of the family.” Kris manages the day-to-day operations of the practice. As the primary contact for new and existing clients, Kris is the critical link between clients and Broadstone Advisors’ busy back office. For Kris, the relationships she builds with clients are the best part of the job. She enjoys the opportunity to facilitate a smooth working relationship between clients and staff members.

A perfectionist by nature, Kris brings a dedication to accuracy to every task she undertakes. Her strong work ethic dates back to her childhood, and she credits her parents for instilling her with high expectations. “We were always told ‘if you’re not going to do it right the first time, don’t do it at all.’ I think about that all the time.”

Kris resides in Troy, NY, with her husband Rob and their three children. Kris’ enjoys being with her family and she is most proud of her children and enjoys attending their many sports games.

Retirement Coordinator

Robin’s interest in personal finance dates back to 1999, when she started studying investment strategy to better understand her own investments. “Books weren’t providing the kind of information that hands-on conversations could,” she says, adding that her conversations with advisors and financial-savvy friends were truly fascinating. After seeing an advertisement for a financial services support position, Robin expanded on her personal interest and began her career in the industry. Today, Robin has more than a decade of experience.

Robin ensures the smooth operations of the back office, and assists with the administration of 401(K) plans, annuities, insurance policies, securities and investment accounts. The skills she draws upon most at Broadstone Advisors are those she developed as an independent business owner for over twenty years. She credits her customer service expertise for her ability to ask the right questions of her clients and work efficiently under pressure. Given that many of Broadstone Advisors’ clients are business owners, Robin’s personal experience allows her to relate to their specific concerns and needs.

Robin has two adult daughters and a grandson. She currently resides in Raymertown, NY.

Business Development

Tricia joined David Plagenza practice/Broadstone Advisors in June of 2018. Being in the automotive industry for the past several years and working for a not for profit organizations she has always felt strong about helping people and their families and her past has proven she is a leader and collaborator. She is a very passionate, hardworking individual who brings her education, master’s in counseling, along with her values of integrity, compassion and a creative approach to the team.

Tricia’s mission is to help as many individuals, families and businesses to facilitate and share the expertise and knowledge that Broadstone Advisors can bring to the table. Tricia feels when she brings awareness to an individual, family or business by providing education and knowledge, she is confident she continues to make a difference. Tricia states, “It’s the most gratifying feeling and I feel confident I am making a difference”. It is undeniable her passion is driven to help and educate individuals, families and family owned businesses by showing the value and importance of preparing for their future.

Tricia loves to travel with her husband, David. Enjoys reading and most of all helping people. She lives in Halfmoon with David and her dog, Petey.

Administrative Assistant

Jaime is new to our team and her strength comes from a design and retail background and its relation to the finance world. Jaime has been a business owner and Interior Designer for over 25 years and recently joined the Broadstone team. Her passion is to support and maintain the true dedication of one-on-one focused relations that is the cornerstone of Broadstone Advisors. With our growing and expanding client base, Jaime adds an additional layer of service. Coming from the perspective that client’s needs are to be focused on from the first phone call Jaime is here to assist.