Succession & Continuity Planning

Assurance for owners. Clarity for the stakeholders.
Longevity for the business.

It takes years to build a successful company. Through the highs and lows, you’ve created something of great value. When, how, and to whom will you pass the reins? We’ve helped hundreds of clients make critical decisions, have tough conversations, and comprehensively plan & implement smooth transitions.


Baby Boomers retire each day, meaning many companies will be sold or ownership structures will be renegotiated.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How will you replace aging executives?


of companies anticipate next-gen family members will become majority shareholders within five years.

(Source: PWC 2021 Family Business Survey: US Findings)

Prepare your next era of leadership for success.


of small businesses do not have
a transition plan in place.

(Source: Exit Planning Institute, 2021)

Gain confidence in the future.

Tough Conversations

Earned, Not Given.
How do you create equal opportunities, when some potential successors show more interest or aptitude than others? What about training? And what if the right person for a role isn’t the expected choice?

We’ve shown hundreds of clients that while these conversations are hard, they don’t need to be negative — if you start early, and carefully plan ahead.

Making Decisions

Work the Plan. Adapt to the Variables.
The most successful construction projects involve not only detailed planning and execution, but also the ability to adapt to the unexpected. Succession planning is no different.

Our experience will make succession planning less stressful, and more manageable, and prepare you for the best possible outcome.

Succession is a Process

Start Early with Expert Guidance.
Whether you want to complete the transition in twelve months or twelve years, it’s important to start considering the details as early as possible — with an experienced partner to guide you.

We can help you implement a variety of financial vehicles to maximize the value of the business, and minimize the hit from gift and inheritance taxes.

Comprehensive Strategies for:

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Structuring Succession Planning

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Key Person Retention & Incentives

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Business Continuation Planning

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Buy-Sell Strategies & Agreements

“Broadstone’s knowledge, resourcefulness and guidance helped us develop a strategy to enhance our culture and provide our team with tools for their financial well-being.”

Zachary Manz, President – Contractors Sales Company Inc. –

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Save time, effort, and worry while controlling costs of: